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Can you hold a non-speech conversation with someone?

Over the years, the Greater Park Hill Sertoma Club has supported a variety of learning programs for youth in the Denver community through its Affiliates and provided financial grants for assistive devices as additional support.


During that same time, Steve Jobs and Stephen Hawking brought the advantages of "augmentative and alternative communication" (AAC) to everyone's attention with technical advancements over several decades. Both of them invested heavily in technology that became the foundation of smart devices and technology that would help individuals overcome disabling physical challenges. AAC has been an essential part of that journey, especially for young children, individuals involved in traumatizing accidents and medical events, as well as seniors.


Do you know what Augmentative/ Alternative Communication is? (AAC)

"AAC is the term used to describe any form of communication that a person can use that is not speech. This may include pointing to pictures of what the person wants, using sign language, or using a device that will speak a message when a specific button is pushed;" like a smartphone, tablet, ipad, smartwatch, a smart device or computer. (AAC)

Click on the link below to listen to a podcast and learn the basic fundamentals about AAC:

Find the image below on the page that appears and click on the START PODCAST symbol to start the podcast.


(AAC) 10/14/2018, Speech and Language Kids,, Designed by Maximum Media, Inc. Click on the logo to go to the website and get FREE training materials and communication boards.

L. Harrison RHIT 10/14/2018

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