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Consumer Cellular  GrandPad

What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

"Assistive Technology is designed to improve the quality of life of a person with disabilities, and help them function in the best possible way, and also maintain their independence." (TFD) Today, things like hearing aids are very common, as assistive devices that people use daily without hesitation. ((TFD) The Free Dictionary , 10/14/2018, by Farlex,https://medical-dictionary.thefree


Assistive technology is often essential for children, adults and seniors going through rehabilitation after major medical events like traumatic brain injuries, strokes, aphasia or heart attacks; during parkinson's or dementia. Assistive devices help the users accomplish activities of daily living that would otherwise be very difficult, painful or maybe impossible.


Can the gap between AAC and Social Media be bridged in the next decade to reduce social isolation for those with limited mobility or those that are homebound, relying on Home Health Care? Maybe. Home health care (HHC) is provided by health care professionals in your home. 


Medicare and Medicaid insurance can be used to pay for specific HHC services, after your attending physician establishes medical necessity. Veterans need to contact UnitedHealth to get a clear understanding of what Medicare will pay for and what Tricare will pay for; then what they will be responsible for, regarding the Medicare 80% / 20% cost split; and any yearly deductibles that are applicable.

Remember, your physician should ALWAYS provide a document establishing medical necessity for the assistive device you want to integrate into your activities of daily living to improve the quality of your life.


Even your Consumer Cellular GrandPad could be justified as medically necessary to track all your daily care routines, medications, appointment,dialysis, emergency contacts, special meal requirements and other crucial information. 


In one real case, a patient who had open heart surgery, had her adult children install a Nanny Cam in her room (at the Rehabilitation Center & Skilled Nursing Facility) and had the Nanny Cam stream video to their iPads and other tablets in Colorado, Canada and France, so they could monitor her care and approve changes to her care. Telehealth family conferences are becoming a common occurrence around the world. AND, they are more affordable than having to frequently travel.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad (CCG) might be an answer to eliminating social isolation for those that are willing to embrace new technology. Families that are spread across the country, or scattered around the world, or just in a neighborhood, can still be in touch 24/7 with the Consumer Cellular GrandPad, and with very little effort.(CCG10/14/2018, 

Share meals, special occasions and story time again as a family: any time and anywhere!

Click on the GrandPad picture to go to the website and get more information.


L. Harrison RHIT 10/14/2018

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